Cat Art by Heidi Bender

Welcome to the official website for cat artist Heidi Bender.

Heidi enjoys painting landscape cat art that includes cats.

Cats are one of Heidi’s favorite parts of life. She and her husband currently live in Michigan with seven indoor cats. They also care for three outdoor cats in the yard and help and new cat that comes along.

Heidi uses acrylic paints most of the time but has also done some watercolor cat art paintings. She also creates digital art featuring cats.

Prints of Heidi’s cat art are available on Redbubble, a print-on-demand site. Additionally, the cat art can be purchased on a variety of products.

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Cat Art

Here are some of Heidi’s cat paintings. She feeds a black cat in her yard, and he is the inspiration for many of her black cat art paintings.

You can see more of Heidi’s cat art on her Redbubble shop.

Cat Art with Orange and Yellow Sky reflecting on to lake
Lake Reflections
Cat Art featuring two pines and a black cat on a lake.
Black Cat watching the sunset (or sunrise!) on a lake.
Black Cat Art - Cat watching a huge orange sunset.
The orange sun sets.
Black Cat Art - A cat with two trees that have pink flower blossoms.
Black cat ready for spring
Cat Art with three cats in a canoe
Cats Canoeing on a Lake
Orange Cat Art showing an orange cat on a snowy lake
Orange Cat on a Snowy Lake
A black cat sits under a tree on a lake watching the sunset
Lake Sunset

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