No desserts for a year!

​I will not be eating any desserts in 2019.  While reading The Four Tendencies, I learned that I am an obliger.  As an obliger, I respond better to outer expectations than inner.

So, by announcing my goal to anyone that reads this, I am much more likely to stick with it. You can take the free four tendencies quiz here.

I set this goal  has part of my 19 for 2019 list. My complete list can be seen below. This is list inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s Happier podcast. You can read more about her 18 for 2018 here. The idea is to make of list of things you want to accomplish during the year.

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Why no desserts at all? Can you have a little every now and then?

​After many years of attempting to have just one cookie or whatever the dessert may be, I’ve learned that I am pretty at abstaining than moderating.

​I first heard about abstaining vs. moderating on the Balanced Bites podcast. I don’t remember which episode. And then I heard Gretchen Rubin talk about it. You can read her post here.

If moderation works for you, that’s great!

No ​sugar at all? What counts as desserts?

I am making up my own rules for this! Desserts are typical desserts like cookies, candy, cake, and pie. I am also counting hot chocolate and fortune cookies as desserts as it’s easy for me to overindulge in them.

​I will be trying to avoid added sugars, but realize this is very hard when eating out. At home, I might still use honey in a sauce.  And will still be eating natural sugars in fruits and vegetables.

What will you do for treats?

​When I do want a treat, I will focus on fruit or nuts. Or I will make the non-sweet treats from the 21 Day Sugar Detox books or other online recipes. I’ve done the detox twice and recommend the daily guide book.

I like to make “fat bombs” which do not have sugar in them. I will not be using artificial sweeteners in place of sugar.

​Why are you doing this?

I feel better when I have less sugar in my life:

  • Better sleep​​​
  • ​​Feel anxious less often
  • ​​Less likely to have crazy dreams
  • Less inflammation in my body. That’s right, sugar causes inflammation!
  • Lose some weight. During the summer of 2018, my ring finger swelled for unknown reason. Now, I can’t slide my wedding ring onto my finger, which I’m assuming is due to the weight I’ve gained since getting married in 2002.

​​​​Have you given up desserts before? How was the experience for you?

2 thoughts on “No desserts for a year!”

  1. We all need less dessert but it expected. We only have dessert on Sunday unless it is fruit. I have been having more fruit at Sunday dinner since you are off the dessert plan or fruit along with the sweets for those not on your plan.

    A lot of people have gained weight since getting married so just stick to no Added sugar plan.


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