​Hello. My name is Heidi Bender. I like cats, cooking, thank-you note writing, playing the organ and piano, and Jesus.

​I enjoy writing, so this site is for writing about things other than cats or thank-you note writing (links to my other sites on these topics are below).

You can read the first blog post on this site about my goal to not have desserts in 2019 here.

The interesting tidbit list

  • I have a geographic tongue.
  • I have ​9 indoor cats and care for community cats in my yard (currently have 3 regulars).
  • I am married to Ted. He agreed that we could have 6 cats if he could name the 2 kittens rescued from the backyard in 2014 with their mom and 3 other kittens. I named their mom (we kept her), and we found homes for the other 3 kittens. We already had 3 cats. Sine then, we have taken in 3 more cats. Ready my cat blog!
  • I love to write thank you notes. My site dedicated to thank-you note writing is: www.tonsofthanks.com.
  • My first book, A Modern Guide to Writing Thank-You Notes is available on Amazon.
  • In October 2015, I lost 2 teeth to root resorption.  As of April 2016, I have 2 dental implants in their place. $$$
  • The only surgery I’ve had has been for dental work.
  • I am a Christian.
  • I can play the pipe organ! I share my experience with learning to play the organ as an adult here: www.organistheidi.com
  • I like to eat. I learned how to cook homemade meals with only real food when I did the 21 Day Sugar Detox in November 2014.
  • I like to wear purple often and can often be spotted wearing a purple shirt, purple shoes, and carrying a purple purse.

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